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Lodges, Business Opportunities & Private Estates

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Port Lions Lodge - Kodiak    

Port Lions Sub., Block 6, Lot 2, Kodiak Recording District

    So you are thinking about buying a lodge and want to make some money, but got tired of looking at empty promises.  This one may just be the “Golden” opportunity you have been looking for to get you started in the lodge business. You will be taking over a fully booked lodge with the owner willing to assist you in the take over.

    Obviously the place has been operated very successfully, as the returning clientele speaks for itself.  Of course, the great Fishing and the variety of Wildlife – Sea life as well as the Hunting opportunities makes this place truly a “One” of a kind.

    The seller will leave behind a fully equipped Lodge, two fine Boats (perfect for the environment they are working in), all the gear and equipment you will need, so all that is required from you is – well your pocket book and the willingness to work and continue on with the successful operation.

    If you are not familiar with Port Lions, you may want to look it up on Google, but it is one of the nicest and cleanest villages I have seen, in a fantastic setting only Alaska - Kodiak can offer.

    You may be surprised, but this lodge is easier to operate then most as here you are hooked up to village power (no noisy generators running all night) or expensive fuel to haul.  You have city sewer and water and therefore, no hassles with septic systems or water treatment requirements/permits with DEC (which can be quite onerous) to obtain on ocean/water front settings.

    Guests can leave in the morning on Alaska Airlines from the great USA to Kodiak and from there you can hop on one of the air taxis or if weather is a factor one can drive to the other side of the bay from Kodiak and from there go by boat to Port Lions.

    Again, a great plus for a business man who is on a tight time schedule and does not want to spend a few days in a hotel room waiting for the weather to clear, that is if you can find a hotel room in Alaska’s busy summer season.

    Well, that is enough said about the place.  I am sure you will visit the lodge’s web site to see about the fishing and hunting season, etc.  But one thing I want to mention to you and I have fished and hunted in Kodiak, this place has a lot going for it and the water fowling, deer – elk - bear hunting has not been explored and would offer a great opportunity to expand business into the later winter season.

    To recap:    Fully booked Lodge for 10 people plus.
    A perfect place to live year round.
    Fully equipped (2) Catamaran boats.
    All the Equipment and Inventory.
    Apr. 6,000 square foot under roof.

    The Price for this “Jewel” is:  $1,250,000.-
    Seller prefers to be cashed out.

    (To view this property is by appointment only. Please no calls to the seller as he is quite busy, hence the reason he has the property For Sale with Remote Properties LLC.)

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Disclaimer, Applicable to ALL Properties Please Read!!!

"We are proud to represent the Seller on this fine property"
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