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Alaska Interior and Western Alaska

Boundary, Alaska

US Survey 3001 - guestimated to be apr. 4.5 acres to be verified by a survey
Apr. Google - GPS coordinates:    See Survey

Most of you may not know where Boundary is; it is on the "Top of the World" highway that starts before Tok when you come in from Canada and goes by such Historic old mining places as Chicken, 40 Mile River and many other places where in the past people struck it rich or went home broke.

Well, Boundary is such a place located in the middle of the mining country where a lot of those dreams did or did not materialize.      As the name implies it is just a few miles from the Canadian Border and what was once a thriving little place has mostly been taken over by Mother Nature.

Yes, there are a few building remnants left that may tell the history of this old Trading Post where trappers sold their furs and miners traded some of their gold for their essential needs.

Now you may see a few adventuresome travelers or a tourist bus making their way to Dawson (although lately the border has been closed to the average traveler due to COVID).  Yes, one could have a little service station there, sell some Alaskan souvenirs, a cold drink and a sandwich as there are literally miles and miles of nothing available.

But keep in mind, that stretch of road is closed in wintertime. However, when the Border was open, there were several snowmobile trips of large groups going from Tok to Dawson to break the winter monotony and enjoy a little luck at the gaming tables, while watching the Can Can girls preform their show.

You will rarely ever see a piece of property for sale along this remote, stretch of road, so if you are man enough this just might be the place for you.

The Price for this Unique and Special Property is only $75,000.-
Due to the age of the seller, it would have to be cash.

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