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Listing With Us

Listing with us will give you the “Best” exposure and the “Most” expertise about these types of properties. We truly are the “Specialist” for Remote Properties. Let’s face it, if you have a brain tumor you go to a specialist and not a general practitioner. For example, quite a few real estate people send us referrals because they simply do not know enough about a remote area. But yes, we do!

With over 5,500 flying hours throughout the State, traveling by snowmobile, 4 wheeler, boat, pickup or airplane, there is not a property too remote or too far out for us.

Yes, you can put the property on Craig’s List or…. But keep in mind, by day 2 you are down 20 pages and let’s face it, those sites are great if you look for a muffler for your old 4 wheeler or…

Do not know how many times I have seen people botch their own deals where sometimes it takes attorney fees or a lawsuit to untangle the self created mess. But yes, at the beginning you saved a few bucks. Do you realize that every time you try to sell something yourself and someone contacts you, you are dealing with people who want to save money and without a doubt they will reduce your price by the real estate fee.

Of course, they all know that there is a real estate fee involved when we have the property on the market. So therefore, when you sell it yourself the first thing they are going to deduct is that real estate fee. And many times we see astute buyers who will squeeze the last dime out of you, bringing all kinds of facts up from tax assessed values to what have you to negotiate their best deal. You get it? They do not care about you.

We Represent You! We are trying to get the “Best” deal for you and we are making sure when we write a transaction up that it has some “teeth” in it and withstands the legal test.

Yes, we advertise. You may have seen our ads in many publications and they are not the little, 2 liner ads. We usually do the full page, high impact type of advertising. Our sales speak for themselves. With that said, correctly priced properties usually sell in one to two years and for some it may take longer, as often it is like finding a needle in a haystack. As you know, it takes a special person to purchase a remote parcel; Boater, Fisherman, Hunter, Naturalist, Snowmobiler, Dog Musher….

It costs money and sometimes lots of it if you are way out there, to get to the property and build on it. Many times we see, at first the excitement about owning a piece of Alaska, then reality sets in…

We screen the buyers and we make sure they know what they are getting into. We don’t like tire kickers any more then you do, so when someone makes an offer on your property they will be quite serious. We represent YOU and will assist a buyer with their questions and concerns.

The money spent on our Web marketing really pays off for you. Let’s say you want to buy a parcel on the Yentna River and do a Google search, “remote parcel Yentna River”, we come up at the TOP! That is the power of Web Advertising.

If you would like to list your property with us, please give us a call. We are in the office from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Thursday and are out in the field usually Friday through Sunday to meet, visit or take pictures of new remote properties we have listed.

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