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Yentna-Susitna Drainage

Deshka River Retreat   REDUCED

ASLS 74-125, Tract B  -  apr. 4.48 acres
Apr. GPS coordinates:  Lat. 61°50’ 09” N and Long. 150° 22’ 20” W  
(Take an Over Flight on Google Earth)

    What a beautiful, hand crafted building, truly done by a craftsman who enjoys working with his hands and knows how to build the “Right Way” in a remote setting.

    Yes, it costs more to do it the right way the first time, but the benefits are long lasting.  It is built high enough off the ground so you don’t have to dig down in the snow 4’ to get into the front door.  If a squirrel or porcupine falls in love with the insulation it is easy to get to and fix.  And if you get high water in the river your living room won’t turn into a bathtub.

    This place is about a 45 minute to hour ride by snowmobile or jet boat from the nearest access point, Deshka Landing, to the property.  One also could land a Super Cub on floats or skis or possibly a Beaver type aircraft on the river, less than a mile from the property.

    The improvements consist of a nice, 2 story Building with a large Master Bedroom, plus 2 nice additional Bedrooms, all with running water and composting toilets.  There is a huge Fireplace separating the living area from the dining area with a large comfortable Kitchen and pantry storage behind.

    The building is apr. 32’x32’ with the upstairs being apr. 16’x32’ (2 bedrooms), plus there is an apr. 20’x16’ addition to the building in which the Master Bedroom is located.  Appliances and most of the furniture, which was hand crafted by the owner, will be included in the sale with the exception of the furniture in the Master Bedroom.  All the details to be verified at time of inspection.

    There is also a large Storage Building, apr. 12’x32’, with a nice access ramp for your “Toys” to store, winter or summer; snowmobiles, 4 wheelers, boats, etc. A perfect place for them!

    The Generator Shed, apr. 8’x8’, houses the solar system, a gas generator, a 3900 watt Inverter, 8 high storage, 6 volt batteries and of course, the 8 each – 90 watt solar panels. 

    With a system like this, you may never need to run the generator in the summer time because of our long daylight hours and it certainly helps in the winter.

    There is also a small Well Shed.  It is a sand point well about 16’ deep and produces good enough of water for dishes and showers but it is not potable at this point. The owner prefers to get his drinking water from a nearby spring that produces excellent water.

    The place was built with expansion in mind and the seller had plans so the building was actually framed so one could easily make an addition of 2 or 3 more bedrooms for your large family or…

    In a great fishing area like this, Deshka River, I want to almost say is world renown for King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Pink Salmon and of course, great Rainbow fishing!  And of course, every place where you have good fishing you will have the other species too, such as Brown and Black bear in this area, not to mention Moose and other game animals.

    If your family is not too large one could easily rent a room or two to fishermen or do some fish or hunting guiding to get a little extra income to substitute your lifestyle.

    This is definitely a place you will want to see and I guarantee you upon your inspection you would not be disappointed.

    The Price for all of this: 350,000  249,500  The seller prefers cash, but may assist a buyer that has good credentials and about 50% for a cash down payment available with the balance negotiable.

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